1- Water Pumps:

We have elevated the standard of excellence by offering high quality and durable Water Pumping Sets. These Water Pumping Sets engineered to meet the ever expanding needs and demands of the industry.

Salient Features:

2. Emergency Lighting Mast:

Our extensive range of lighting masts and towers have numerous uses and have been in service with police, fire, military and government departments for many years.

We supply a full range of lighting masts and high lighting equipment available with every type of illumination configuration and lamp type. Remote controlled masts which are typically used on fire engines are available which automatically raise the mast to the vertical position, extend the mast and then automatically stow into the horizontal position. We provide many types of pan and tilt mast devises which can separately rotate and tilt multiple lights at the scene of the incident. Our portable mast range is commonly used for temporary lighting applications and internal coiled power wiring is also available on many masts.

3. Gas Water Heaters:

Manufacturer and exporter of gas heaters such as direct gas heaters, indirect gas heaters, duct mounted gas heaters, single shell combustion chamber gas heaters, concentric shell type gas heaters and external recuperator type gas heaters.