1- Diesel Generators:

Diesel Generator Company IndiaWith technological advancement, our diesel power generators, water cooled generators, air cooled generators and DG sets are engineered to meet the international standards. Conforming to highest standard of quality, our power generators have acceptance worldwide.

Salient Features:

Diesel Generator Specifications

2- Gas Generators:

Gas Generator Company IndiaChroma leading Gas Generator manufacturing company engaged in the manufacturing of varied range of Gas & Diesel Generators. Our branded generators Chroma-Ator use the superior engine technology from ISUZU & our Generators have a track record of delivering unparalleled performance over the past decade & a half.

CNG/PNG Generating Sets:

Our exclusive range of gas generators is available from 3.5 KVA to 62 KVA. Along with being compact and sleek these Generating Sets are available in Manual as well as Automatic mode.

Chroma offers world class environment friendly CNG/PNG Generating Set with sound proofing of enclosure done with high quality rock foam. The Enclosure is of modular construction with the provision to assemble and dismantle easily. Doors are fitted with high quality EPDN gaskets to avoid leakage of sound. The silencer provided is very efficient in controlling exhaust noise.

Salient Features:

Gas Generator Specifications

3. Duel Fuel Generators:

Our complete range of Generators are useful in providing Power in areas where conventional power supply infrastructure is unreliable. with a fuel option of Diesel or gas, a complete range of intelligent switchboards, design & build end to end power solutions for your Captive Power Plants.

All our manufacturing units are equipped with the very latest technological machineries. From customized designing and computer aided design system to qualified team of experienced engineers, these facilities add to credibility and superiority of our products and services.

4. Variable Speed Gensets in both Gas & Diesel Fuels:

Chroma-Ator added a new milestone with the inception of the variable speed D.C. Generators. We are the pioneers in manufacturing 12KW VS Generator. This type of a Generator has many advantages over the conventional constant speed Generators. The advantages may be summarized as:

The generator automatically adjusts its R.P.M. to the load requirements. Thus results in significant savings in the fuel consumption. This particular application is particularly used for the telecom sector where the load is in form of a battery bank which needs to be charged. As & when the battery charge level rises the R.P.M. of the generator decreases thereby saving fuel.

These generators involve a brushless system thereby dispensing off with the traditional system of a commutator with brushes. These results in less wear & tear of the alternator thereby reducing any possibility of a failure.

Since the engine runs on a lesser RPM most of the time hence the life span of the engine is increased.